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Wood Pressed Yellow Mustard Oil | Cold Pressed Yellow Mustard Oil | Kachhi Ghani Oil | Naturlich Lakdi Ghani Oil

Wood Pressed Yellow Mustard Oil | Cold Pressed Yellow Mustard Oil | Kachhi Ghani Oil | Naturlich Lakdi Ghani Oil

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  • Wood Pressed
  • 100% Natural and Unrefined
  • No Preservatives

Product Description

Introducing our exquisite Yellow Mustard Wood Pressed Oil! At Naturlich, we take pride in presenting our premium Yellow Mustard Wood Pressed Oil, crafted from the finest organic yellow mustard seeds.

Using traditional wooden press methods, the oil is carefully extracted to preserve its aroma, flavor, and nutrition. Yellow Mustard oil has a distinctively bold and tangy flavor that can liven up any dish. Whether used in a marinade or dressing, or drizzled over your favorite vegetables, this oil will enhance the taste and texture of your food.

More than just a condiment, Yellow Mustard Wood Pressed Oil has several health benefits as well. It is a good source of healthy fats, including polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, which promote heart health and help regulate cholesterol levels. The oil also contains anti-inflammatory properties that may help alleviate joint pain and stiffness.Yellow Mustard Wood Pressed Oil has skin benefits too. Its high vitamin E content helps improve skin health and prevent premature aging. The oil also has natural antibacterial properties that can soothe skin irritations. At Naturlich, we prioritize your satisfaction, health, and the environment.Our Yellow Mustard Wood Pressed Oil is ethically sourced and produced, ensuring that you receive a high-quality product that is good for you and the planet.

Experience the bold and enriching flavor of Yellow Mustard Wood Pressed Oil in your cooking and appreciate the benefits it brings to your health and wellness.

Order now and tantalize your taste buds while promoting optimal health and nourishing your skin.


This product is not intended for use by children under the age of 18. If you have any health conditions, consult your physician prior to use. Do not use it if the seal is broken. Store in a cool dry place away from children.

This product contains Black Mustard. Processed on a line handling Coconut, Groundnut, Sesame, Flaxseed, Yellow Mustard. If you have an allergy or sensitivity to any of these ingredients, do not consume this product.

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  • Anti-inflammatory Effects

    Mustard oil has been traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine to alleviate inflammation and pain associated with conditions like arthritis. It contains compounds like allyl isothiocyanate, which exhibit anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Source of Essential Fatty Acids

    It contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are essential for brain function, skin health, and reducing inflammation in the body.

  • Antioxidant Properties

    Mustard oil contains compounds like vitamin E and selenium, which act as antioxidants. Antioxidants help neutralize harmful free radicals in the body, reducing oxidative stress and lowering the risk of chronic diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease.

  • Digestive Health

    Consuming mustard oil in moderation may stimulate digestion and improve overall gastrointestinal health. It can also help alleviate symptoms of indigestion and constipation.

  • Skin and Hair Care

    Yellow mustard oil is often used topically for skin and hair care. It can moisturize dry skin, treat minor skin irritations, and promote hair growth when massaged into the scalp.

  • Antibacterial and Antifungal Properties

    The antimicrobial properties of mustard oil can help fight bacteria and fungi, making it useful for disinfecting wounds and preventing infections.

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Sourcing the Finest Mustard Seeds:

We begin by carefully selecting the finest quality yellow mustard seeds from best farms in Uttar Pradesh. These seeds are chosen for their purity and rich flavor profile, ensuring that only the best ingredients go into our oil.

Cleaning and Sorting:

The selected mustard seeds undergo a thorough cleaning and sorting process to remove any impurities such as dust, dirt, or foreign particles. This step is crucial to maintain the integrity and purity of the final product.

Wood Pressing:

Unlike conventional methods that use chemical solvents for extraction, we employ a traditional wooden press to extract oil from the mustard seeds. This age-old technique involves crushing the seeds using a wooden press, which exerts pressure to release the oil while preserving the natural nutrients and aroma.
Our Wood Pressed extraction method involves cold pressing the mustard seeds at temperatures below 50°C (122°F). This gentle process helps retain the delicate flavors and nutritional benefits of the oil, including essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins.


Once the oil is extracted, it undergoes a natural filtration process to remove any remaining solids or impurities. This ensures that our Wood Pressed Yellow Mustard Oil is pure, clear, and free from any sediment.

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Amol Patil
Satisfied with the quality of oil

Thanks, Naturlich! For this very healthy and best black mustard cooking oil. I loved this product and aroma of this oil is very pleasant and the taste of the cooked food with this oil is also very tasty.